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About the Company:

Q. Who are you guys, I've never heard of you?

A. Our staff has been providing students, parents, and colleges with storage solutions since 2006. We started off in the Rhode Island market and have since expanded to Georgia and Massachusetts. Also, new for 2017 we have gone international! We understand that our customers have a variety of different needs. Each of our licensees is local to their respective areas, which provides the flexibility to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.

Q. Why are you guys so cheap, what's the catch?

A. No catch at all. In our opinion, we charge a fair market value for the service you use. Other companies may overcharge due to using middlemen during each step of the process (e.g. outsourced movers, rented storage facilities, etc.). What you get when you choose us is top customer service at an affordable price. When you call or email with an inquiry, the local staff of your area will answer you. This ensures you are dealing with the same staff throughout the entire process. We pride ourselves on building relationships both with customers and their parents over the years.

Q. Where is my stuff stored?

A. We store all student materials in private warehouses near the schools we service. It is inside, kept cool, dry and most importantly highly secure. You may have the ability to come get your items or add extra items during your storage length with an advance appointment. Please check with your local provider.


Q. What's a good option for me, this is my first time storing?

A. Most students start with our smaller options when storing as an individual. If you have more items you can always pick from the larger packages we offer or call and we can create something custom. If storing with friends, use our guide and descriptions to help you choose. Don't worry, we will only charge you for what option you need. You will never get overcharged. You can always modify your reservation in your account page. Check out our videos page for a better understanding of items and storage options.

Q. I want to store with my friend but they live on the other side of campus how can I do this?

A. Chances are pretty high that we can accommodate. Give us a call and we can discuss your options.

Q. I'm storing 4 / 8 / 12 etc basic items, is there a restriction on the size?

A. We define a dorm related basic item as something one average person can pick up and carry. Examples include; A minifridge, box, suitcase, bike, lamp, plastic tub, tv etc.. Please use our description in the pricing example as a guide. Please do not to pack items that weigh in excess of 50lbs each. If you have a question about the size of a particular item you have, don't hesitate to call or email us! Check out our video library for examples.


Please refrain from using 24x24x24 boxes or larger that some of your schools may sell. Our experience is students over pack them and then tend to fall apart during the moving process due to the weight. It’s best to try to use manageable size boxes/containers when packing. It helps us and you during this process.

Q. How high are my items stacked and organized?

A. We don't stack to the full height of your space to protect your goods from getting damaged. We typically go up to around 6ft, check out our videos for more information about what this looks like.

Q. Can you guys move all my things from my room?

A. Yes, there is an additional charge, our rates are setup so that you meet the truck at your desired pickup location and we take it from there. However we do offer moving help if needed. All moving charges are one way charges, you have the option to request moving on both signup and delivery forms.

What am I not allowed to store?

A. Detergents, food, and please defrost your fridge! Loose small items and trash bags (storage or space bags are fine).

  1. Liquids other than paint or art supplies that are properly sealed as determined by College Storage in its sole discretion
  2. Alcohol
  3. Cash
  4. Perishable items
  5. Hazardous materials
  6. Firearms
  7. Items of value such as jewelry and collectibles
  8. Items that are prohibited by any state or federal law, rule or regulation

You agree and acknowledge that College Storage may discard any liquids that are stored in violation ofthese Terms and Conditions as determined by Collage Storage without notice to you or your consent.


Q. What forms of payment do you take?

A. We accept checks, cash, and US issued credit cards. All storage can be paid for during signup or online in your account page. If you think you will only have cash to pay for your storage, you must call or email the office to get authorization before pickup. This happens mostly with students with international credit cards, we can accommodate these situations.

Q. When do I pay?

A. You may have the option to prepay with our signup form, online with your account, or when we arrive. You are free to chose the best option for you. Please call or email if you have any payment questions.


Q. When do I arrange my delivery?

A. August 1st we send you an email. When you know your new living arrangements you fill out a form just like you did to signup. Delivery forms are accessed through your account page. Please note: Your account must be paid in full to access the delivery form.

Q. Do you delivery on holidays?

A. We deliver 7 days a week 365 days a year. We are here for you and understand move in/move out schedules.

Q. I want moving help back into my room is that available?

A. Please request moving help on the delivery form and sit back while we take care of the rest.

Boxes and Supplies:

Q. How do I get packing supplies?

A. Boxes and supplies can be delivered two ways. If your school is serviced by stations, supplies will be readily available at those stations in the coming weeks before moveout. For schools without stations, we can deliver supplies to you upon request through your signup form. If you need a method of delivery not listed please call your local provider for help.

If you have any question that haven't been answered, contact us.