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At College Storage we offer our storage options and other range of services 365 days a year. Including all storage, moving, and transportation you may need.

Summer Storage Most commonly used by students who live out of state or, a great option, instead of lugging your stuff to and from college every year. We pride ourselves on competitive rates designed for students’ affordability.

Summer Session Storage Designed for students who plan to take summer classes and need to pick up their items in June, and possibly storing again in August.

Short Term Storage Students who are switching dorms or apartments will take advantage of this service. Also, very popular among incoming freshman to stage their college goods.

Long Term Storage Most commonly used by any foreign study students or students that plan to take a semester or more off.




At College Storage we offer both domestic and international shipping so you can get your items back home with ease. Let us take the stress out of having to ship something through the year or during the summer.

Domestic Shipping For domestic shipping we take the time to get quotes from both the United States Post Office and UPS to make sure we are giving you the most secure and affordable rate we can find. We will always go above and beyond to make sure your items are shipped to the proper location and send you tracking information when they are on the way.

International Shipping For international shipping we take the time to get quotes from both UPS and FedEx to make sure we are finding you the most affordable option for the long distance your items need to travel. Just like with domestic shipping we will always make sure your packages are addressed correctly before going anywhere and we will always provide tracking once your items make it into the hands of the chosen carrier.

Ship to School

Let us prepare your move in!

Students who would rather ship us their items instead of a campus mailroom, we receive your item then take it to your desired location at your convenience. This is a very popular service for incoming freshman to send us your dorm items. Let us take the stress of, move-in day away so you can enjoy it with your family!



Big or small, we do it all! Students typically, don’t need large 4 bedroom moves. We specialize in small moves, whether they are down the street or across campus. We charge student designed rates, because we have you in mind, and we have all been through college and know that every penny helps!

Dorm Room Moving Need help moving out or back in? We have you covered. Our staff knows the ins and outs of local college dorms. We know how to get it done, efficiently and quickly.

General Moving * Just down the street or across town? No problem. We know you don’t need a 26 foot truck and 4 men for that! Our rates are realistic and student oriented.

Delivery/Pickup Service * Getting a new bed or want that futon you have been eyeing for the past semester? Yup, we do that too! Call us; let us know what you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

Relocation * Graduating or time for a change in scenery. Not an issue. Our simple flat fees will give you piece of mind nothing else will put you over budget.

* Avalability in limited markets


Concierge *

Student Concierge Services College Storage is pleased to introduce a partnership with Lana Drew, Student Concierge Services. Lana can help you manage your life more effectively by carrying out many of the tasks and obligations that you just don't have the time for. She and her team will assist with the sometimes overwhelming details of daily of life so you can focus on your specific career, business or educational goals.

Services From:
  • Rentals
  • Housecleaning
  • Ikea Assembly
  • Handy Man
  • Real Estate Services & More

You can contact Lana at 401.578.1851 seven days a week, or visit her website at

* Avalability in limited markets

Packaging Supplies

Payments Accepted: Cash, Check, CC. If you want to use a CC minimum purchase is $10

Packing Supply: Size Price Common Uses
Large Double walled box w/ Handles 22x18x16 $5 Our most common box for all purpose
Medium size box 16x16x16 $3 Books and small heavy items
Utility Box 14x14x48 $8 Mirrors, small rugs, mops, artwork
Tape: Clear, Tan, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange 1 Roll $3 Helps to make your items easily identifiable
Mattress Covers All sizes $5 Must have to protect your mattresses
Bubble Wrap 1 Foot .50 Wrap up fragile items
Markers 1 Marker $1 Label, Label, Label!
Box Liners 1 Count $1 Extra protection if wanted